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Susan A. Sabetta







'Susan Sabetta is highly respected by her neighbors and by all who know her; she is energetic, personable and sincere. Susan Sabetta is conscientious, caring and committed to her community; she is genuinely concerned for the well-being and the safety of the residents of Mayfield Heights. It is certain that as our Councilwoman, Susan Sabetta will continue to be an active leader and a positive, supportive voice for all who live in the City of Mayfield Heights...' Beatrice, Gino & Liliana

‘I have worked with Susan on real estate transactions for about twenty years. She’s sharp, honest, and displays good judgment and fair dealing. She has great negotiating skills and is always willing to compromise in order to reach an amicable and workable agreement. These are the qualities which every governmental body needs in order to fulfill its duties to its constituents…RZB’

‘I have known Susan for over twenty years and know her to be informed, clear-headed and concerned about good government, fiscal accountability and the environment…William’

‘Susan is hard working individual who is deeply committed to her city.  She has become an expert on oil and gas drilling and the issues involving hydraulic fracturing, and done this all on her own time and for no reason other than improving her community and keeping it safe. Her actions in this area show that she deeply cares for her city and keeping it safe. She would be a continued asset to the council…Gary’

‘I have known Susan for over thirty years. I know first-hand her ongoing commitment to the city.  As a city council member, Susan has immersed herself in the issues facing council so that she can be effective and involved member and spokesperson. She is dedicated and committed to the betterment of the city…MS ‘

‘Susan is very involved with our city and will continue to be a great representative for the residents…Desiree’

‘My experience and my knowledge of the Sabetta family tells me that Mrs. Sabetta has the appropriate combination of interest, initiative, integrity, talent, job familiarity, and local association to stay an effective member of your City Council team. Indeed, I think Council and the City administration and the populace of the City of Mayfield Heights would stay well served by her…John’

‘Susan worked tirelessly to educate her neighbors, as there was a potential oil/gas well targeted for her neighborhood. Initially, it seemed that the city had few tools at its disposal to defend against this invasion of residential neighborhoods. However, Susan was very proactive in ferreting out ways the city might help protect the citizens: using the door-to-door solicitation ordinance, requesting the city send a strong message to Columbus regarding a moratorium on urbanized drilling, working with ODOT, working with the citizens during fraudulent signature situation, etc. Throughout the years, I have seen that Susan is a proactive, energetic, citizen-focused woman who keeps the community’s best interests in heart…Vanessa’

‘Susan is an outstanding Realtor. She is intelligent and has very good negotiating skills. Her work with her clients is excellent. She is highly proficient in applying her life experiences in analyzing situations and problem solving. Susan always goes well beyond what is expected of her…A GERACI’

‘Susan’s American pride sprinkles nearly every conversation, but it is equaled by her sincere passion for safety awareness, concern for the elderly, and support for the arts. Susan lives by the Golden Rule in every role she plays from community theater director and Realtor to expert in the beauty industry…HL’

‘Susan and I have worked together at Century 21 for about twenty years. Susan is a bright lady. She is outgoing and anxious to provide up to date information to better effect situation outcomes. She has been a real ‘Class Act’ for the city…MJB’

‘Susan possesses a strong sense of right and strives to be fair and just in all facets of her life. She is clear and independent thinker who is not afraid to challenge, question, discuss and negotiate to reach resolution…Cheryl’

Susan enlisted government help of Tim Grendell on the proposed gas wells throughout the city when other city officials backed away, He commented on her passion toward neighborly assistance…Chuck’

‘My children and I have done numerous musical theater shows with Susan and words can’t describe her dedication, organizational skills and leadership. I have always been in awe of how one woman could organize several dozen kids and numerous adults all on the stage at once. Forgive my lack of separation of church and state-but Susan has the patience of Job! She is a smart businesswoman, is very approachable and is tough when it is needed…Deb ‘

‘Susan has tireless energy and good input. I know this because not only do we work together, we have also done several community theater productions together at South Euclid Lyndhurst Community Theater, Silhouette Productions and Mt. Carmel Players. It is apparent that her ability to work with people is exceptional…Wayne’

‘Susan has proven to be trustworthy, loyal, hardworking, dependable and passionate lady. Anyone who knows Susan can attest to these accolades…Amy’

‘As a mother of four, family and family values has always been a top priority with me. My admiration for Susan went even higher when she allowed my then five year old autistic son to be a part of one of her productions. I spoke to Susan prior to the auditions and explained to her my son’s diagnosis. I told her no hard feelings if he wasn’t included. Without so much as a blink, she welcomed him with open arms. The chance Susan gave him literally changed his life. She taught him to sing. He laughed with other children. He stood on that stage and looked at the crowd. He made friends. And for the first time in his life-he fit in…Debbie’

‘Always considering the common ground, using common sense. A stable purpose and a constant in the city…CJA’

Paid for by The Committee To Re-Elect Susan A. Sabetta
Charles E. Sabetta, Treasurer,  6046 Catalano Dr., Mayfield Hts., Ohio 44124