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MJJA Insignia

Congratulations to Sensei Kevin Ensinger who passed
his Ni-Dan test on February 23, 2018!


Congratulations to Michael Torok for successfully completing his
Yo-Dan (4th Degree Black Belt) Test on September 18, 2015




Video of the MJJA members giving a demonstration
for Chinese New Year at the
Asia Town Market on February 9, 2013

See More Videos of the MJJA in Action on our Videos Page

Normal Class Time - Jiu-Jitsu Class

Sunday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Kajukempo Dojo
7667 Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio 44060,
, (440) 951-0463. 

The Dojo is located behind the stores on the North side of Rt. 20
near Great Lakes Mall, accross from Best Buy.

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The MJJA was founded in 1972 by William Twigger who passed away in November, 2001, and Richard Jackson (retired). The organization started with 20 Black Belts and three Dojos with William Twigger as the first President. The style Amerika Shiki Ju Jutsu (Jiu-Jitsu) was founded in February of 1974. The main Dojo was the Garfield Academy of Self Defense on Warner Road in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Harvey Torok, Yon Dan (4th Degree Black Belt) was the leading force behind the MJJA since its inception. His son Michael Torok, San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt), and John Ruppert, Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt currently run the main class.


We are located at the Kajukempo Dojo, 7667 Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio 44060, http://www.mentorkarate.com, (440) 951-0463.  The Dojo is located behind the stores on the North side of Rt. 20, accross from Best Buy. 

For more information, contact Hugh Cassidy at hugh@cwcreate.com.

Active Instructors

Michael Torok, Yo Dan
Brian Cosner, San Dan
Tim Hanacek, San Dan
Pat Tomazic, Ni Dan
Bob Repas, Ni Dan
Al Gall, Ni Dan
Hugh Cassidy, Ni Dan
Chris Torok, Ni Dan
Kevin Ensinger, Ni Dan
Tom Blechschmid, Sho Dan
George DeSantis, Jr., Sho Dan


Tom DiFranco, Sho Dan
Jim DiFranco, Sho Dan
Ron Lanci, Sho Dan
Beth Riha, Sho Dan
Chuck Sabetta, Sho Dan
MatthewTorok, Sho Dan
Mark Torok, Sho Dan
Ardeshir Agahi, Sho Dan
Tom Koons, Go Dan Isshin Ryu
Dan McDonald, Sho Dan
John Vosicky, Sho Dan

In Memory

In memory of the passing of Grand Master John Ruppert on December 4, 2016.
Rest in Peace Sensei John, you will be missed.

Grand Master John Ruppert


Grand Master John Ruppert, December 4, 2016
Sensei Tom DeSantis, July, 2011
Sensei Harvey Torok, Yon Dan, June, 2006

Sensei Robert Peto, November 2001
Sensei Joe Fink, Ni Dan
Sensei Terry Jarzab, July 1986


Congratulations to John Ruppert, Michael Torok, and Hugh Cassidy for being inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame in June 2013. Thanks go out to Ron Balas and Dennis Janes for their sponsorship.

John Ruppert - World Karate Union Hall of Fame 2013
Michael Torok - World Karate Union Hall of Fame 2013
Hugh Cassidy - World Karate Union Hall of Fame 2013


Class Pictures 4-11-2016

Class Picture 4-11-2016

MJJA Class - February 23, 2014

MJJA Class - February 2014


MJJA Class Picture with Harvey Torok - April 23, 2006

Last class picture taken with
Sensei Harvey Torok
on April 23, 2006


A picture of the Black Belts from the
Bedford YMCA (Late 1970s), Courtesy of Sensei Tim Hanacek

Black Belts of the Bedford YMCA

Dave Stock, Tim Hanacek, Chuck Schmid, Brian Cosner, Ray Loew


Below - Class picture taken January 2nd, 2005
Last Class Picture at the Lost Nation Dojo

Class picture taken January 2nd, 2005

A Family Tradition

The MJJA was developed by several people in the Cleveland area, but primarily by the efforts of Sensei Harvey Torok.  Now the tradition is being carried on by his family.  The picture below represents the five Toroks currently active, they are from Left to right standing:  Matt Torok (Sho-Dan), Harvey Torok (Yo-Dan), Michael Torok (Yo-Dan), and kneeling: Chris Torok (Ni-Dan), and Mark Torok (Sho-Dan).   

The Toroks

Below is a Picture of the class of Sensei Harvey Torok taken in March 2001.

Class Photo March 2001

Left to right Back row: Matt Torok, John Ruppert, Harvey Torok, Mike Torok, Ron Lanci
Middle Row: Hugh Cassidy, Bob Repas, Chris Torok, George DeSantis
Front Row: Ardeshir Agahi, Mark Torok, Ted Keeney, Ron Lanci, Jr., David Nyitrai, Shawn Agahi

Click here to see more pictures of our class.


Belt Tests

Congratulation to Sensei Kevin Ensinger for being promoted to Ni-Dan in February 2018.

MJJA Picnic

Contact Hugh Cassidy for Details.

Harvey Torok Open Golf Outing

Thanks to Chris Torok for putting on another successful Golf Outing in 2018. Hope to see everyone this year at Pleasnt Hills in 2019.

Pleasant Hills Golf Course
13461 Aquilla Rd.
Chardon, OH  44024

Contact Hugh Cassidy for more infomation - hugh@cwcreate.com

The MJJA Patch

MJJA PatchThe MJJA patch shown at right was designed by Terry Jarzab, a Shodan at our dojo in Garfield Heights.  Terry, who was a Sign Painter by trade, passed away at the age of 42 in 1986.  Terry had a great sense of humor and we are glad that this patch, and the insignia at the top of this page, live on in his honor.  The Dragon and Eagle on the patch represent the integration of the Asian Martial Arts carried on in America.


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